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Hiveworks is an experience design agency

We believe that:

brilliant customer experiences happen when cutting-edge creativity is combined with world-class user experience

It's all about the user, and to truly connect with them brands need to offer user-centered experiences.

We answer this by bringing together specialists from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique angle, to work collaboratively to solve business problems.

We call this

Thinking from a different place

Brands we work with

  • L'Oreal
  • Orange
  • Twitter
  • EE
  • Sosh
  • GSMA
  • Groupama

What we do very much depends on the business problem we are trying to solve, but our services can be broadly divided into five areas. Many projects involve more than just one.

Strategic Planning
Experience Design
Creative Direction
Technical Services
Data Intelligence
Strategic Planning

Strategic planning

  • Customer Insight
  • Comms planning
  • Channel strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Experience strategy
Experience Design

Experience design

  • User Experience
  • User testing
  • Persona generation
  • User Interfaces
  • Prototypes
Creative Direction

Creative direction

  • Ideation
  • Design & art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Content generation
  • Video production
  • Illustration & animation
Technical Services

Technical services

  • Partner selection
  • Specification
  • Project management
  • Microsite platforms
  • Acceptance testing
Data Intelligence

Data & Intelligence

  • Business intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Data consolidation & visualisation
  • Support

Our History

We were formerly Orange Digital, a standalone digital agency wholly owned by Orange, with a long and successful track record of many years working in the highly competitive telecommunications sector.

We became independent following a management buyout in October 2014 led by our CEO Pierre Briffaut, to create a new company that was collaborative, nimble and flexible.

Our close history with a major international telco brand ensures we have an insider's knowledge of client-side working structures and business challenges, in addition to a diverse and enthusiastic group of people.

Find out how we could help you - connect with us today.